Breakout Sessions


Call for presentations and posters!

Register here!

Poster Session I and Poseter Session II will be assigned the day of the symposium. 

Guidelines for breakout presentations:

  • The allotted time for breakout presentations is 15 minutes (12-minute presentation and 3 minutes for questions). Practice your presentation beforehand and time it accordingly.
  • Create your presentation in PowerPoint format.
  • Keep it simple. Summarize the main points - don't include every detail of what you plan to say. Try to limit the text up to five lines per slide, and keep the number of words to a minimum.
  • Keep the color scheme consistent throughout your presentation.
  • In addition to the graphics, photographs can be an excellent way to communicate the information.
  • Think of the presentation as a story. Clear and logical flow of ideas is important for successful presentation.
  • Speak loudly and clearly.
  • When a question is asked by the audience, repeat the question so that the entire audience knows what the question is.
  • Make the take-home message persistent
  • Provide references and contact information so that audience can follow up if they need additional information.


If you would still like to sign up for a poster presentation or exhibitor table, the link to sign up can be found here.